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Wake Up Mid-America!

Mid Americans, the time is now. A wake up call, a reality check, a proverbial slap in the face. Get your stuff together. It’s understandable to be insecure and unsure of your place in this world. If we didn’t question our place or purpose we would be lumps on a log. We are smart, we are driven, and we are here. If you find yourself questioning if you belong here, newsflash, you do. We get so wrapped up in our own tangled brains that reason gets lost in the shuffle. If you are here right now, reading these words, YOU ARE A MID AMERICAN.

Being a Mid American is not just a fluke. You did what you needed to do to get here. Whether that process was shorter for some than others, harder for you than me, if you have had to sacrifice this or that (this AND that for most) is honestly a trivial matter when looking at the big picture. Wherever you were before you started walking through these double doors everyday is the same as everyone else sitting in these seats next to you. We all have a story that follows the same path, and that path has led us here together, right now. Lifelong whispers about dreams to work in the funeral industry. If you are here directly out of high school, if you are here with children who have already graduated high school, the basic meat of the thing is the same. You didn't just “end up” here. You did what you had to do to get here. You went through the process, you completed the steps, and however surreal it was, congratulations. I am proud of you, and I am proud of me, and I am proud to be a MidAmerican.

Don’t let your mind trick you into believing that you don’t deserve this. If you have made it this far, then you need to face the fact that you are special, and you have recognized that this is your people. Times get tough, and working hard is lets face it-hard. You can do this. If you want this, you will do this. Mid America is here to offer the tools and guidance to get it done, but the rest is in your capable hands. Dig down, dig in, and stay at it. You bomb a test and it feels like the end of the world. Get over it. Stop letting it ruin the next test and the next test and the next test. Studying not working out for you? Take the time, MAKE the time if you have to, and figure out a different strategy or learn a new set of skills that makes it better. The teachers are here to try and help with that, and other students may be a valuable resource for you to see a different way to do something.

This time here will be what you make it. People in your life-or sadly, classmates-trying to tear you down? Don’t let them. Do not waste the time or energy on it. Ignore, tune out, and brush it all off. You worry about you. At the end of this strange journey, they won’t be the one in your shoes, so why let anyone other than yourself direct your steps. Only put out positive, and only LET IN positive. Start the cycle and you will be surprised how in dark times, you can work yourself out by shutting down negative self talk. Be proud of yourself! Stop picking on yourself! Look at how far you have come already. Take a second, right now and think to yourself, had you ever imagined that you would actually be here today? You are doing it! Look at you! Being all strong and brave and making things happen! This is an amazing time, a once in a lifetime time, this is our time! (Wish I could implant a clip of the goonies directly into your brain right now—- come on technology get on it.) and I am oh so happy to be here with you guys, my Mid American family.

By Liz Olson / May 15, 2017