Distance Learning

What Is Distance Learning?

Mid-America College's Distance Learning program allows a student the opportunity to complete most pre-requisite general education college courses necessary for obtaining an Associate Degree in Funeral Service.

Distance Learning classes are delivered through the Internet and allow a student to forego some of the time he or she would normally be in a classroom setting by acquiring academic credit from the comfort of home or office.

Credit Hours Tuition Charge
GE-HUM 115 English Grammar and Composition 5 $1250.00
GE-HUM 215 Advanced Comp. and Business Comm. 5 $1250.00
GE-SOC 135 Introduction to Sociology I 5 $1250.00
GE-SOC 235 Introduction to Sociology II 5 $1250.00
GE-SOC 145 United States History I 5 $1250.00
GE-SOC 245 United States History II 5 $1250.00
GE-BUS 175 Business Mathematics 5 $1250.00
GE-BUS 275 Introduction to Business 5 $1250.00
GE-SCI 154 Science Survey I  4 $1000.00
GE-SCI 254 Science Survey II 4 $1000.00

How does a Distance Learning course compare to a course on campus?

Each Distance Learning course is equivalent to the on-campus section of the same course in terms of objectives and content. A student must meet stated pre-requisites where applicable.

Except at another Pierce Mortuary College, the academic credit earned through distance learning may or may not transfer to another college or university.  Determination and awarding of transfer credit for Distance Learning courses taken at Mid-America College and transferred to other colleges and universities is left solely to the discretion of the college or university to which transfer credit is requested.

What equipment is needed to take a course through Distance Learning?

A student taking a course through the medium of distance learning must have access to a computer, an Internet connection, an e-mail account, and an up-to-date web browser.

What is included in a Distance Learning course?

A Distance Learning course includes:

purplebullet Lectures, notes, and assignments available through a home or office computer.
purplebullet Interaction with the instructor or other students through the use of phone calls, facsimile machines, and electronic mail.
purplebullet Textbook, study guides, and supplemental reading where applicable.
purplebullet Examinations at the student's local area testing center.
purplebullet Participation in special activities related to the course, if applicable.

Who can be admitted to a Distance Learning course?

Mid-America College insures that all persons who can benefit from any Distance Learning course have an opportunity to enroll. For those students desiring to pursue a career in funeral service, the rules and regulations pertaining to educational standards that must be met by the applicant prior to his or her enrollment are prescribed by state approving agencies and funeral service licensing authorities in all states. It is essential that the applicant consult his or her state licensing board or the Registrar of the College well in advance of the desired date of enrollment. The minimum requirement for admission in all cases is high school graduation or its equivalent.

How much does Distance Learning cost?

Distance learning courses cost the same as our on campus courses. To view the costs of tuition go to the tuition and fees section of the website, here.

How do I register?

You may register for a Distance Learning course by contacting the Office of the Registrar at Mid-America College of Funeral Service and requesting an Application for Matriculation. In addition, a student may also register by accessing the application section of this website.

Applications should be accompanied by the following items:

purplebullet $50 non-refundable Application Fee.
purplebullet High school transcript certifying graduation, GED or other equivalent, as well as transcripts of any and all COLLEGE work completed.
purplebullet Completed FAFSA for attending year (July 1 - June 30) (use school code 010618)
purplebullet If needing loan application documents please contact the Registrars Office.

When can I begin a Distance Learning course?

A student may elect to take a Distance Learning course at any time following completion of enrollment procedures. A student must complete a Distance Learning course in a period not to exceed twenty-two (22) calendar weeks from the date the course begins.

Can I take a Distance Learning course while I am enrolled in on-campus courses?

A student may receive permission to enroll in two (2) Distance Learning courses while a resident on-campus student to satisfy any course deficiency in the General Education component of the Associate of Applied Science Degree program. Special requests in excess of the above must be approved by the college administration. In no instance, however, can a resident on-campus student enroll in more than three (3) Distance Learning courses to satisfy degree program requirements. A resident on-campus student must complete all Distance Learning courses prior to his or her anticipated date of graduation.

What are the grading and testing procedures?

The grade of a student in any course represents all the work of the student in the course, including assignments and examinations, combined in such proportion as the instructor in charge of the course may decide. Exams will be given and proctored at student area testing centers decided upon by the instructor. Make-up or completion of incomplete course work will be solely left to the discretion of the instructor.

The following table indicates letter grades and their corresponding numerical value:

Letter Grade
Numeric Grade

The College maintains complete records of the academic progress of all students. All students will receive periodic progress reports and a final grade report at the conclusion of each Distance Learning course.

How do I withdraw from a Distance Learning course?

A student withdrawing from the College must make a formal declaration of intention to withdraw and must be cleared in every respect with the College. Merely discontinuing assignments and examinations does not constitute formal withdrawal. A student who does not notify the College in writing or by e-mail of his or her intention to withdraw will receive a failing grade for the work taken while enrolled in the Distance Learning program. Any consideration for tuition refund will be based on the date of formal notification.

What if I have questions?

Each instructor maintains designated times throughout the quarter to take phone calls and answer questions. These individual hours are noted on the course syllabus, as well as pertinent e-mail addresses, physical addresses, facsimile and phone numbers. These numbers are also available on the college's website.

For further information, please contact us.

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